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NaturalLight - Pulsed Light System

The innovative NaturaLight utilizes APC (Advanced Pulse Control) electronics to deliver energy to the target without overheating the surrounding skin. APC Pulsed Light Technology reduces complications and increases efficacy. The NaturaLight has the advantages of easy operation, wide ranging applications, and a high performance to price ratio. The NaturaLight comes in a compact tabletop package with quick change light guides for five different applications. A unique automatic parameter selection mode easily sets the system for the patient and the treatment. All together the NaturaLight is the most versatile and easy to use aesthetic systems available. The NaturaLight Pulsed Light System delivers unmatched efficacy, versatility, performance and innovation.


Pulsed Light or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the one technology no aesthetic practice should be without. New technology and advanced techniques have continuously improved IPL efficacy, increased treatment safety, expanded the number of treatments, and generally increased the usability of this technology. Procedures such as hair removal, vascular/facial veins, and acne are effective and fast with highly successful outcomes. NaturaLight incorporates the latest in technology and new procedure techniques to provide a simple-to-use advanced pulsed light system. The NaturaLight has raised the bar with advances in both skin tightening and control of the light output.