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Sweetcheeks Boutique - $99 Microdermabrasion + Mini Chemical Peel

WHAT'S INCLUDED? A light chemical peel solution for application immediately after microdermabrasion along with some basic take-home products. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CHEMICAL PEELS? First, the combination of acids is designed to not only amplify the exfoliating effect of microdermabrasion but also down regulate pigment production and help suppress acne. The retinoid component of the peel helps stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin and thus reduce the appearance of fine lines. Second, the anhydrous, non-volatile vehicle inhibits the acids from ionizing on the skin surface to cause stinging. Thus, while there is some sensation on application, it is far less than traditionally used hydroxyacids. WHAT'S IN THE PEEL ITSELF? 10% Salicylic acid + 10% Azelaic acid + 10% Mandelic acid combined with 5% Niacinamide. We use the same acids that are in the Actinage Peel but at a slightly lower concentration and with a different carrier than reduces stinging and redness. WHAT ELSE IS IN THE KIT? In addition to the Peel Solution, we provide a trial size (40 mL) RosaCleanse Foamy Cleanser an anti-redness cleanser, 15 g MelaShade-E sunscreen and 15 g NiaRiche an anti-microbial oil free intensive recovery complex.